Many people don’t know quite what to expect when going to a chiropractor, so here is a brief overview of what will happen.

On Arrival

You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire which should take approximately 5-10 mins and will cover your contact details and previous medical history.


Next, you and the chiropractor will go over some details regarding your main complaint. This will help your chiropractor to establish possible causes of your problem as well as getting to know you better and assessing your expectations.


This exam will consist of thorough physical, neurological and orthopaedic testing that will help your chiropractor to identify the underlying cause of your pain. This will also include flexibilty and chiropractic tests.

Report of Findings

After the exam your chiropractor will then give you a clear explanation as to what has been found, and will talk with you about what happens next. This may include advice about starting your chiropractic care, a referral for any extra appropriate tests or alternative treatments if chiropractic is not suited to you.


Treatment will usually begin at the end of the initial consultation and may include spinal adjustments, soft tissue work (massage) and/or mobilisation techniques. Of course we cannot guarantee that treatment will begin immediately as so many different factors have to be taken into consideration, but we will try.

Ready to find out more?

If you have any questions about any part of this procedure then please feel free to call 07766 873465 and discuss them with your chiropractor. We look forward to seeing you soon!