Aged 15

“Having suffered for about 8 months with severe neck pain, numbness and spasms – the relief after one session was incredible. It wasn’t only the physical relief, but also the reassurance and information regarding the problem”

Mr Cook

Aged 53

“Have been treated here for a couple of years now, highly recommended. My condition is well managed, undoubtedly due to Steve’s ongoing maintenance!”


Aged 57

“I have been treated by Steve many times for my recurring back pain, he is very professional and keeps my back moving!”

Mrs R C

Aged 40

“An excellent, professional chiropractor who listens to you. I’d definitely recommend Steve to anyone needing help with their pain”

Mrs S

Aged 70+

“I had a problem with my back, and had also developed restricted neck movement over a period of time. I consulted a local chiropractor who improved my back but the neck problem remained the same. However, Steve’s first treatment made a huge difference to both, and I can now drive and put my socks on without discomfort! Thank you Steve”

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